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Cute Princess Adventure

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    on y to make one, and it must be right. You are sitting in a motor car that maybe has horsepower and ga ons of gaso ine. So you know that if you crash in this vehic e, an impact is going to be disastrous. There’s nothing very g amorous about racing, except when you’re winning. You get to the end of the race. You’re eading the race. You’re a most in tears on the ast coup e of aps, just hoping you can get across the ine. ANNOUNCER: Here they come, toward the checker f ag. Ford wins the hours of e Mans. And you don’t get a situation ike that in ife very often, you know. [Crowd cheering] FRENCH MAN: You ike speed, don’t you? Hmm? FRENCH MAN: You ike speed, don’t you? Oh, it’s nice. It’s co d. MAN: The origina idea was for Steve to drive e Mans the actua hours. ANNOUNCER: The rea question here is this is Steve McQueen, and we are wondering whether or not Steve McQueen wi run in the race. If I weren’t so rotten inside for money, I wou d probab y te them to go screw. [French speech] But I ne the money to make the fi m. [French speech] And I wi not race at e Mans. [French speech] It was too big a risk. And if something were to happen to him in the actua race, that wou d put the fi m on ho d and probab y never get done. That’s how much it meant to him. He gave up his shot at competing at e Mans for the sake of the fi m. We , the insurance company won’t et Steve drive in the race, as he to d you. We’re going to be covering the race itse f very extensive y, with cameras everywhere. And we expect to work approximate y three months afterwards, staging the picture. ANNOUNCER: So ar Productions ready the camera car for the race. My rea contribution was driving the camera car during the actua race. It was the car that Steve and Peter Revson had finish second at Sebring, and then they convert it to carry three cameras, one in front, two at the back. MAN: When the camera car was being fix up e Mans, Steve was a around that. And you cou d see written a over his face, I want to be sitting where you are sitting and to take this race on.

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