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Cute Princess

Cute Princess


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Cute Princess Description

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Cute Princess Do you know for sure who caused those boys to die? No. Are you holding back any information about those three boys? No. The polygraph showed deception. He says you went off the chart. I don’t know why I failed it. Must have been nervous. This is so ing screwed up! Chris, I have a legal obligation to get to the truth Games I’m telling you the truth. Or to exonerate you if you weren’t involved. But based on the polygraph results, I don’t feel like you’re being completely honest. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to lie to you? Okay, I’m gonna lie. I killed them. And all the other bullshit. Are you arresting me? No, I am not. You can’t do things like that. Well, maybe I freaked out, and blacked out, and killed the three little boys and ed ’em up the ass or something. Is it possible you could have done it? No! I have never hurt anyone intentionally. Maybe there’s two sides to you. Maybe I’m Chris and Hyde. I’m Ron Lax. Come this way. Chris, what are you doing here? Chris! Your Honor, the defense calls Christopher Morgan. Your Honor, may we approach? Your Honor, I think they are going to try to crosamine him from the Oceanside police report, and we submit that it’s irrelevant. My understanding was that this young man retracted his statement. We want to question Mr. Morgan to suggest that the police case was far from certain. Why would his testimony be relevant? Your Honor, we all want to question witnesses that the police viewed as suspects before narrowing their focus on the accused. I’m not gonna allow you to drag in every possible suspect unless you’ve got something that tie those persons to some event in this case. Judge Burnett, don’t you think a confession suffices as a tiein? Your Honor, they could just talk to anybody on the street and they could say, Games Do you admit doing these murders? Games Come on! This is not just anybody off the street. This was the Oceanside PD questioning him at the request of the West Memphis PD. All right. All right. I’m gonna begin the hearing. Anything else? Ladies and gentlemen,

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