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Cute Nurse

Cute Nurse


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Cute Nurse Description

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They made excuses to entice me. Can I tie you up? I’ve many fans. Like in the English movies, huh? I’ve many fans. It will cost you extra. Okay. Hey games Extra for tearing up my dress. Okay. They are expensive, not the cheap stuff one gets on Fashion Street. My top’s worth . How much do you make in a clay, Jhimli? Who are you? How do you know my name? What is Liak’s partner’s name? Liak who? Your boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. Everyone here is my boyfriend. Untie me or I will scream. Scream! Call the police. Who are you? Who are you? I am the one whose wife and kid died in the bank that clay. Sir games Sir games forgive me. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything. I know Liak. He’s a friend games for many years. He loves me too. But he didn’t like me working here. No one does this job willingly. But I was helpless. months ago Liak paid a visit. He said he’ll get me out of here. And two clays later I saw on TV games He’s a fraudster and thief games . games but he’s no murderer. Sir games I got . million on my son’s life-insurance. You can take it all. Just tell me who Liak’s partner is. Warshid Akhtar. Liak Mohammed. Anand Kamble. You? What have you clone? I didn’t kill them. I’m tired of telling everyone. But no one’s ready to listen. If you didn’t kill them, then why are you protecting him? Become an approver. You’ll face lesser sentence. I am ready, but where will I find him. The Police have killed him and kept the loot. Forget it, say something dirty. Come on. What? You know games these clays I talk to you a lot I speak your lines too. -Which lines? The noises you make games . Please, no! Please, no! Please, no! Are you crazy? You’re in jail. Come on. Do it. Just once. Raghav visited me yesterday. He knows my name. How did he find you? He was asking for your partner’s name. He said he’ll pay me. Otherwise he was threatening to go to the police. Hmm games So what will you do now? He said he same things he told the police. He didn’t say anything more. I am sorry. Did you tell him about me? Why would I tell him about you?

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