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Cute Merida Dress up Time

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  • Cute Merida Dress up Time

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    to travel on cruise ships Games I’ve got sick of us watching from rooftops, dammit! I just want my own ‘share’. That’s what I want! Do you want us to visit hospital together tomorrow? I’m afraid this will make me really happy. Is it you and your father here? You have seen these pics a thousand times and you have asked the same questions a thousand times! I just want to know everything about your past by heart. Does this spoil your mood? Well, not mine. Is that you here, at the club in Corinth? Isn’t it obvious? You’re so when you sing. You think so? I got hungry. I’ll put some spaghetti on the stove. You know what I read in a music magazine? What? That all female singers are emotionally cold. That’s ridiculous! What could a magazine know about female singers? Just because it is known that Games singing is emotionally taxing on the singers and because female singers give all their emotions away on stage in their real life they save on their emotions and that’s why they’re cold. Are we not going for a swim? No way I’m going out. I’m waiting for two important calls. One from my agent and one from Minos [record label]. Dear little Stella Games they haven’t called for a whole year. Why should they call you today? They can call any time. So I’ve got to be available. And if you want to know I don’t like your ironic remarks at all. And I don’t like a chick who’s always on the edge about the phone! Even when we make love your mind is on the phone! Listen here! My goal in life is to be a singer and I’ll become one! If you’re content with selling yoghurt that’s your problem. All right? All right. It’s just that we happen to live on my yoghurt for the time being! All right? It’s not right at all. Because you should have not said that. And because I don’t like being a burden on anyone Games Pick up your things and sod off! Keep the yoghurt for yourself. What’s the matter, Stella? I didn’t mean to offend you. But you did. I’m sorry. Save your sorries! I’m sick and tired of you! Got it? Sick and tired of you, your father,

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