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Cute Fluffy Polar Bear

Cute Fluffy Polar Bear


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Cute Fluffy Polar Bear Description

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Possible threat to Kilo Five Bravo position. Wait out. I might as well be prodding a car park. At least if it’s this hard they won’t detonate if you walk over ’em. I don’t think that’s how it work. One here, boss. Just mark it buddy and then deviate. So I killed lots of people but I’m not a soldier? Correct. Killed myself? Yeah, um. Hanged yourself, I think. What am I some kind of serial killer or something? Correct. prick. Oi, same again barman, yeah? How many’s he had now? That’s his third. Stu? You got a bleed on on the left leg, mate. Nothing major. Just gonna tie you off, pal, alright? Better safe Game Am I Game Er Game Am I Fred West? No. This is the last from Normandy. Nice one, Prosser. Cheers Jonesy. I’m alive? No. Kilo Five Bravo, ETA on cas evac, over. Wait out. Look out. Kilo Five inbound. ETA on task one zero minutes. Over. Confirm minutes one zero. Over. Confirm. Wait out. You hear that, Stu? Ten minutes, pal. What they sending, Mark? They’ll send what they send. They gonna touch down or Game Tug, we’ll work it out, . Stu! Path safe. Alright. Moving day, gents. Right. You, you, you and you on Stu. You guys grab anything that’s left. Strong grip. My count, on three. One, two, three. Strain. One, two, three. Here we go. Oi, somebody get my rifle. Cheers, mucker. Yeah, I’ve got it, mate. That alright? Yeah. Here, Jonesy, give us your bergen, pal. You alright up there, Stu? Like the Maharajah of Helmand Province, aren’t you. You want to peel me a grape? Nah, but I’ve got a couple of ripe plums here, if you want. Kilo Five Bravo to Kilo Five Alpha. Casualty moved to pick-up point. ETA on cas evac. Over. Hello Kilo Five Alpha, this is Kilo Five Bravo. Over. Do you need anything else? Kilo Two to Kilo Five Bravo. Your man’s on the TACSAT to the JOC. Cas evac options are fluid, believe we have Black Hawks inbound to you from Kandahar. Wait out. Job guys. Cas evac inbound. I need overwatch from all of you, got that? Stretcher bearers and Tug stay with Stu. All other personnel, thank you for your help, boys,

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