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Cute Fashion Dresses

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    in the palace and the guards can’t go around So Hawk Brother Six has found a place where no one know And set up a gambling house there The eunuchs and guards treat it as a club He is so popular, does he know how to serve the eunuchs’ asses? Place your bet! Hold it game Three Sixes. I get all! I am glad I was late You are Dragon , right? What’s the matter? Well, I know you are a practical person If I want a deal, I have to gamble with you, right? How do you want to gamble? Up to you, if you win These , taels are yours What if I lose? If you lose, I don’t want money I just want to know game game who this clay doll really is? How come you have this clay doll? It’s with you game These three clay dolls are found on the body of Shi Zilun He must have found out something he should not know and had himself killed Okay, I take your bet We’ll play dice, whoever gets the greater number wins Okay Have you thought carefully Do you know his other name? – I know – What? He is the “Dice Devil” That’s right, everyone calls me the Dice Devil I have never lost Come on All dice are “”, that makes I’m finished. Your turn Okay So you take that as shaken? Yes, and I have won too That’s one point greater One point greater! That’s not shaking the dice! You haven’t said I can’t shake it that way! You game What about me? You have so many “fans” here supporting you, be a gentleman Okay, Dragon , you are smart! Everyone knows that So can you tell me who this clay doll is now? I never thought our meeting would be overheard He is game Be careful! He’s dead! Stop fooling around! He’s killed to keep his mouth shut He must be a great kung-fu master and very wicked too Of the three dolls, one is dead, one is unknown The only one left is Manager Liu Where are you going in such a hurry? Manager Liu is dead! We are going to his funeral Cool-Son Yeh, where are you? You must take care yourself, don’t be killed Why are you sighing? Why are you here? There are two persons dead in the palace Everything is a mess, so I am here How’s your injury?Cute Fashion Dresses

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