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Cute Fairy Girl

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    You Primo boy? Primo sent me. I’m not his boy, man. My name is John. So whose boy you be? Melvin. You Melvin’s boy? Yeah, man. Your old man was good people, man. Definitely, definitely. Well, come here, man. Let me holla at you, man. Yo, anything you need, you come holla at me, all right? I got you. Melvin was good to me. You heard? All right, man. Good looks, man. I got a little something for you though, man. Yes, sir. You know I respect that. That’s just good business. Hold up, man. All right, let me see it. All right, I like that. I like that. Stay where you are. Stay where you are. My man. All right. Yes, sir. All right. That’s just good business, man. I like that. Yeah, man. All right. Three hundred for two shifts. Thanks, bro. You should count that. I just watched you count it. I trust you. Well, um game Question: Kinda need some more shifts. You got anything going? Thing is, I only need bouncers two nights a week. Friday and Saturday. Well, I can kind of use anything right now. I got something. My sister’s ex is a nut job. Nothing serious. But he just gets out of hand sometimes. I’ll take it. Hold on. I’ll call you later. All right. What’s up, Ma? Hi, baby. What happened? I was outside. Come here. Come on, Ma. Come here. What’s up? What’s up? Stop looking at me like that, Ma. Come on. You think I don’t know, John? Know what? Did you went to talk to Don Jose about the job in the supermarket? Come on, Ma, don’t start with this. Please don’t. What were you doing in the park? Nothing. I was just playing ball with Ant. Come on. That’s what your father used to say to me, John. But I didn’t pay attention to him, ’cause we were little kids and I was in love and game Come on, Ma. I’m not a baby. But you’re my kid, John. I’m not a baby, Ma. You’re not fooling anybody, John. You’re not fooling me. Can you please stop asking me questions? I’m gonna go to my room. No. Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you. Come on. I really don’t wanna talk right now. If you knew he was doing all of this, why you stay with him so long?

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