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Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4

Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4


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Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4 Description

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Cute Emo Boy Dress Up 4 to have a baby But it’s better this way. Don’t feel obliged. I’d understand if you changed your mind. I don’t feel obliged. I’m happy to support you. You thanked me for coming. Thanks for coming to my place too. A little music? Time to rock. You like rock music? I love it. So do we. Good evening. Could I have a word with Alphonse? Someone for Alphonse! Sony to disturb you. That’s ok. I’m Sandra, I work with Alphonse. I’d like to talk to him. He’s not here. He’s at the laundrette. Can I take her there? Yes, but come straight back. Thank you. Good night. Alphonse, the sheet’s stuck. Hold on Fold it. You know, I’d like to vote for you tomorrow. It’s what God tells me to do. I have to help my neighbour. But I’m scared of the others. Scared of who? The other workers. That’s why I didn’t vote for you Friday. It wasn’t for the bonus. I haven’t been there long. I’ll only get euros. JeanMarc spoke to you? Yes. I’m going! See you later. Goodbye. What did he say? If I wanted to get on with the others, I should vote for the bonus because nearly everyone wanted it. I wanted to vote for you but I didn’t dare. Sony, that’s my machine. It’ll be different tomorrow. It’s a secret ballot. No one will know. How many will vote for you? If you vote for me, eight. Maybe nine with Cha?y. I haven’t seen him. He wasn’t home. I’ll vote for you. Thank you so much. See you tomorrow. Without my vote, you won’t have a majority? Yes. JeanMarc will say you won because of my vote. He won’t know. He’ll know. He’ll ask the others, he’ll ask me. Don’t be afraid. Half will have voted like you. But I’m on a fixedterm contract, like J?r?me. It’s due for renewal at the end of September. If JeanMarc puts in a bad report about my welding mistakes, my contract won’t be renewed. You’re like me. You’re scared of JeanMarc. Yes. Bye, kids. Bye, Manu. See you. Have a good day. You too, Mum. Chin up. Call me as soon as you know. Seven agree not to take the bonus. One’s hesitating and there’s you. I don’t know. I’ll see. I need it but I’ll see. , euros is a lot

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