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Cute Dance princess

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    Today, we become men. Or vampires. Or dead. God, Frank, what’s wrong with you? It’s bull piss. It’s gonna beat your ass. How many of those do you drink a day? As many as it takes. Jeez, anyone that probably takes a bite out of you is going to be up for a week. Okay, there’s a lot of them. Let’s focus. We get into Ted’s office, we grab Mandy, we get out of here. We got your back, Colonel. Colonel Sanders. Like the chicken guy. I just got that. All right, vam time. Focus. Okay, okay, okay. No sudden movements, all right? Just calm careful motions. Like you’re playing Jenga. So, you know, generally it’s got to be some kind of pass. People call yet? No, not yet. Maybe they’re stuck in traffic. I don’t recognize a lot of these people. That, that’s the IT guy. There’s Marketing. There’s the Customer Service Call center. I hired everyone in there. That is ironic. Only if they eat us. Tim. What? Oh, did I jinx us? My bad. Sanders, what the hell are you doing? Have, have you lost your mind? Amanda, I love you, but you have no idea whats going on here. Now you’re saying way too much. Tim games Ted, we have a problem. Max, in addition to being a douchebag, is also a vampire and he’s turning every one of your employees from the janitor on up. By the way, your neck-biting custodial buddy is doing his best impression of a Jackson Pollock painting in the parking garage. Bam-snap! AMANDA: Jesus Christ. Evan, what the have you done? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find good custodial help? You popped Jerry? Jerry. Jerry. That sounds familiar. That was games Yeah. Yeah. That was so embarrassing. I was like games Did you just miss the whole un-dead thing, sir? Yeah. God damn it, I know they’re vampires. Uh, wait. What? I track how many paperclips we use per quarter, you think I wouldn’t notice a vampire company take-over? How many paperclips do we use per quarter? Tim! Uh, last quarter, . See? Look at him. He’s a model employee now. Wait, you did this intentionally? Corporate was threatening to shut down the entire branch,

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