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Cute Bride Makeover 4

Cute Bride Makeover 4


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Cute Bride Makeover 4 Description

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Cute Bride Makeover 4 Manzhu also loves him. Really? Yes. He is poor. But its poverty doshtla good for you. He will remain under your control. And yours will be in command. Can rarer to meet him? Call him. Wait! Please see.. here are results of the investigation. I passed my brother or ine? Under what number is? Congratulations. Your brother passed in the first division. In the first grade? I went in the first distribution of BA Uncle Rahim, I! Has announced a book. You did, Raja! All my dreams were realized. I can now tell his older brother, that Raja passed away. My Raja has done and is now a graduate! Well, sir? I like the guy. Yes, sir Game Continue. Raja is a very good boy. He is modest. Honest. Where can To find such a boy these days? Well, I wear a marriage proposal for him. For my daughter. Sir, a rich man like you give znachnie so much of my brother. Like all my desire is fulfilled. I would give my life for such happiness. But I want to tell you something. No distinction between wealth and poverty. But Game But? The gentleman wants to say that Game Manzhu lived in luxury bungalows and walking around is by car. To live in such a situation Game Do not worry about it, sir. Will even sell themselves to their give any happiness in life. No, you do not understand. Raja I want to keep my business after the wedding. It has to live with me forever. You mean like your slave? No, no Game I mean Game No, Sir. You’re the first person who offends me and my respect. My brother, whom you want to take away, live in my heart. And only my death can do knead here. Okay? No, you got me messing. You ‘re wrong. Want to buy my brother with money? It is not only a brother to me but part of my heart Game my soul. And rich people can deal with people poor but can not. Go over and do not return. He came to buy my brother! Brother, this gentleman Game ? Yes, Mr Verma came. He wanted you to buy. He wanted to steal my life Game offering bungalow and car. I gave up. Are we for sale? We have everything we need. Remembering where we came from the village Game we had no boots

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