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Cute Best Makeover

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    Why? I don’t know, it… I had this terrible feeling that something was wrong. The phone was off the hook. Then I… I don’t know. Billings It’s all right, Mrs. Powell, take your time. What happened then? I just… ran home… to Tim and I was pretty hysterical. This…Frankenstein you saw. Tell me about him. He was with the last group. It was late. They were older. He seemed taller, maybe it was the costume. Did he speak to you? Did you hear his voice? When you saw him go up the walk to the Harding house, was he with the group? No, the others went next door. He was by himself. Billings When was the last time you talked to her? Around : I called her to tell her I’d be working for another half hour or so. And the doorbell rang. “Trick or treaters,” she said. I waited for five minutes or so and then I hung up. I thought it was the baby was crying, or she got distracted. While you were waiting did you hear anything? I didn’t hear anything. You thought she’d call you back? Yeah. I tried again, uh… I guess ten minutes later and, uh… no one answered. You have call waiting? Yes. I just thought somebody had left the phone off the hook, so I called Kate next door. And I asked her to come over here. And I asked her to tell Ann to hang up the damn phone. If this is a random thing, a guy in a costume murdering whoever answers the door, it’ll be tough, real tough. There’s no motive. There’s no connection whatsoever between the killer and the victim. This is Halloween. You open your door for anyone. Is there anything else that we can do? No, but if you remember anything, some small detail that might help, write it down. Again, Mr. Harding, I’m terribly sorry. Good night. Good night. [door clicks open and closed] Mike, you’re staying in our guest room tonight. I don’t want you here by yourself. No, no, I’m all right. I am. I really appreciate you guys taking care of the kids. If they wake up… if they’re scared or anything, will you call me, please? You want me to stay awhile? No. No, I decided I really…

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