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Cute Beauty Girl

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  • Cute Beauty Girl

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    Cute Beauty Girl Description

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    And save you the paperwork. Was it fun? I painted the ing Mona Lisa. Stay focused. Sin wants this to play out according to plan. Well look at them. They don’t know what to do. Clean up after yourself, will ya? What is your problem? I could ask you the same. I’m convinced you don’t have a brain. You don’t fully understand if you’re not careful. Or in your case not stupid. I don’t think you fully understand that I don’t know what you’re talking about. Could he really be telling the truth? I saw a glimpse. Did you ever catch a glimpse of something that you didn’t understand, but you knew somehow it was gonna be life changing? You are really messed up, aren’t you? I mean you look like you have it all together, but you clearly don’t. I can still see what you’re hearing which means you’re not full. This is truly crazy. What do you want from me? I mean, what are you really doing here? Let’s go get some fresh air. Mmmm, this is so good. What? Nothing, it’s just games It’s just not what I expected when you said fresh air. Okay, so you wanted me to act all crazy? What are you looking at?! Dude, I’m totally kidding! Have you ever mind surfed? No, I can’t say that I have. Okay. I’ll show you something crazy. What have I gotten myself into? What did you do? Shut up and buckle your seatbelt. But why, it’s games Just give it a minute. Close your eyes. And think about anyplace in the world you wanna travel to. It can be an idea, a place, a dream. Got it? Okay, now hold that image in your mind. Am I really here? Did she do this, or games How can we be in one place, the same place, if it’s a fantasy? Is this for real? Isn’t this real? This place. Is this more real than anything else out there? This place is impossible. Sure doesn’t seem that way sometimes. It’s the only place I can think. Why can’t you stay here all the time? I mean, why go back if the noise bothers you so much? Because games Does he truly not see? Could he be this dumb, or is he really different? Because I can’t keep chasing a shadow, Chase. I’m only here for this.

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