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Cute Bean Meal

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  • Cute Bean Meal

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    You are too much! Your two majesties, please allow me to say something Liu? Shouldn’t you be dead? There’s a vampire grass out there Within hours after a person is “dead” The body is stiff with no breath It’s no different from being dead Guard! Your majesty The guards are at Taihe Palace watching the duel Cool-Son Yeh? That’s right But the real Cool-Son Yeh is here waiting to be emperor So you two have conspired to rebel We were linked by royal blood I am much smarter than you and my kung-fu is invincible Why did my father had to be sent to Pingnan for being an illegitimate child and I even lost my title because I am an illegitimate child? and have to my mother’s last name Brother game game you call that justice? These rules have been set by the royal family, we just have to obey If I become emperor I will improve the livelihood of the people and expand our boundary Our prosperity will surpass the Tang and Han dynasty And we will even be stronger than the times of Genghis Khan Think about that And your death would be worthwhile You think that if you kill me and take my throne, the people would obey you? Your majesty do not have to worry about this I have been your servant since you were a child I am familiar with every inch of your face So I have made a mask bearing your face When you die and the new emperor takes your throne I am sure no one will recognize One year later, I will meet with my brother Cool-Son Yeh in the west I suddenly feel a calling from heaven and become a monk, passing on my throne to Cool-Son Yeh Then the country will prosper and the civilians will adore me Great! So you have it well planned Pull out your sword Why? I don’t kill anyone without a weapon I have been appointed by heaven If you wish to act against the wishes of heaven, then just come along I am willing to do it for you You dare! The Invincible Umbrella! It can attract all hidden weapons on earth Weapon! Just the two of you? Your majesty Do you know why I knew of your plan a long time ago? Because the jade imperial seal youCute Bean Meal

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