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Cute Barbie Reporter fashion

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    systems are disabled, even your pilots didn’t know that. Radio silence is mandatory. Well, for Chrissake, how do we land? You don’t. Collins, what’re you talking about? Ginny, you’ve been identified as an inbound threat. You know what that means. I’m afraid I can’t help you now. What do you mean you can’t help us? We’re going to be shot out of the sky if we do not put this thing down! I know. It’s the only way. I’m sorry you have to make that sacrifice, but game Sacrifice? Listen, you little son of a ! Chariot is a failure, and you know as well as I do that failure has to be contained. It’s what this dry run was all about, people instead of , an acceptable loss. You know all about “acceptable loss”, Ginny. You bastard! You were just trying to save your own ass. No. No, I’m keeping a “classified” operation classified. You guaranteed my safety! We were supposed to land! And no one was supposed to get into the cockpit or hack the on-board systems or bring guns on board. You guaranteed all that. Stop, Collins. You are not this cold. It’ll be quick, Ginny. I can promise you that. The F-‘s have already been scrambled for Mandarins. No, Collins, don’t do this. I’m sorry, Genevieve. He’s right. We’ll have F-‘s on our tail in minutes. Then what? The protocol is that the pilot game Then what, goddammit? I’m trying to tell you! The pilot will first try to make visual contact with the cockpit or the passengers! So we can still communicate? Just like we did before. We can write messages on sick bags and hold them up to the cockpit window. What is it? You’re going to have to tell me. Guys game I think whatever that dude is saying, I think that’s our outbound communications. He wouldn’t do this. We look like a / plane. Ra, what’s he saying? It’s Arabic. It sounds like typical terrorist bullshit. “Vengeance shall reign down from the sky upon the Infidels God willing game ” Oh, no. What else? They’re talking about hitting the White House. They’re going to shoot us right out of the sky. I thought you said we had time to write a message.

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