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Cute Barbie Princess In Love

Cute Barbie Princess In Love


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Cute Barbie Princess In Love Description

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a hundred years. Everything was so slow. It was another way of thinking, another speed. There were fatalism in their faces. This is in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, is a group of peasants called mixes. There, everything is medieval, the plow, all game It was the profound Latin America. He was a peasant village, but more important was the music that community. It was a people who loved music. All members of the community who could play an instrument They did not need to work. They worked as musicians. They let me sleep a few days in a cement room, very cold, to see if reluctant, if you really wanted to stay. As I managed to resist, I was taken from there and took me to a house. I went more to the community. And for me it was a pleasure. We became friends and coexisted in harmony in the community. This is in northern Mexico, are the Tarahumara. They are great runners are runners. They walk away. My God, it was hell follow these aborigines they were not walking, flying! This is a Tarahumara, with his face well marked, well lived. With her beautiful hair, great hair. Several times they came to my camera and they made me feel a sound technician. They told me things like I was recording them. The strength of a portrait is that in that split second We understand a little the life of the person photographed. The eyes speak volumes, the expression of the face. When you do a portrait, is not you alone who takes the picture. The person offers photo. Those trips were very important to me. To return after years without stepping on my country, to be here. The essence was the same, it was my continent, we were very close. “Other Americas” led him to Sebastião eight years. On this trip to South America deeper he simply disappeared for long periods. Julian grew up with a father who was almost always absent. His parents could at least correspond. Clearly this occurred before the current media. Each time he returned home to see his family and edit your photos with Lelia. Sebastião seemed like a great adventurer to his son. A superhero,

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