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Cute Barbie Princess In Love Adventure

Cute Barbie Princess In Love Adventure


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Cute Barbie Princess In Love Adventure Description

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What a horrible thing to say. No, no, it’s not. Because it’s true. You were the last person to see her alive. And you’re the only person who saw this Frankenstein character. And besides me, you’re the only person who’s got a key to this house. After I called you, you went next door and you killed Ann. And then you ran and you told Tim that you found her dead on the floor, didn’t you? Didn’t you? You see? You see how that feels? Of course you didn’t kill her, I know that. But for anybody to even ask that question is unimaginable. Kate, things have gotten so bizarre I don’t even know what’s real anymore. All I know is that I need you to believe in me. Tim’s probably wondering where I am. Thank you. McGuire Again, let me stress, this is informal. It’s not a trial. It’s a hearing. All that will be determined is that there’s probable cause for a trial, and we’re going to show there isn’t. The Prosecution will state their case, then I will answer. And then, if the judge wishes, Kate will talk with him. When will we know? If the judge rules that there’s insufficient evidence to take this to trial, Mike’s a free man and we will know today. Kate We shared an apartment for a year after college. And you feel Ann would talk to you about any problems in the relationship? Your Honour, I don’t think there was anything Ann didn’t talk to me about. Is your friendship with Mike as close? No, not like with Ann. I mean we were like sisters. But, I’d say I know Mike very well. We spent a lot of time together as couples. We vacationed together. Your Honour, Mike didn’t do this. He loved Ann very much. He loved his family, the life he had. I never heard or saw anything to indicate otherwise, never. No trial. Why so glum? You’re a free man. All it establishes is that I didn’t kill Ann. I already knew that. This doesn’t bring her back. And the person who did kill her is still out there. Kate It wasn’t like talking to a judge, was it? It was like he was just trying to get a sense of who Mike is. Sometimes I wonder if I know.

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