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Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun

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  • Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun

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    Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun Description

    Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun, Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun Games, Play Cute Barbie Night Fairy Fun Games

    Come back in a few days. Who are they, dad? I think they’re the acrobats that just arrived. They’re performing at the theater tomorrow night. I want to see the acrobats! Me too! You, too? Sure. Here it is. It’s so grand! I hear that the man who booked our first show Games is a warlord. We have our signature trick. We’re not afraid of any big shot! Come on. Unload the carts! Move everything inside! Be careful! Let’s pick up the pace! Show some energy, guys! This is our first show in the big city. Show the big shot what we’re made of! Chase me! Give me that! Careful! Let’s start the initiation ceremony, troupe leader. Yes, sir. Come on! Come on, everyone. Let us pray to Luzu. Let us travel the world with our skills. May we ward off bullies and remain benevolent. May food, clothing and bliss come naturally. Greetings for our esteemed guests. I am Kong Shen. The troupe thanks you for your patronage. We wish the Young Master a most auspicious birthday. Cut the formalities. Start the show! How is it? How did you know that I love acrobats, dad? Of course I do. I’m your father. Today is your birthday, and this troupe is performing just for you. Really? My father is the best! She’s flying! Shen! Jin! What the hell are you doing? We’re sorry, sir. That was a new trick. We wish the Young Master a peaceful birthday. That was quite a trick. What’s your name? Kong Jin. Bring her to me. Yes, sir. Do you realize what today is? I do. Is this a day for mistakes?! Our commander is being lenient because he is a forgiving man! Yes, sir. Know your damn place! Take care, sir. These warlords are all despicable. Let’s go, Jin. Shen. We uprooted our lives to be out here. If we can’t make it here, Where can we go? We may have to be on the streets, but I refuse to believe that there isn’t a place for us in this world! We’re leaving! It was our mistake! The whole family is relying on us. We can’t just leave, Shen. What if Games I beg that warlord for forgiveness. No. That man is deplorable. Even if it costs me my life, I won’t let him lay

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