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Cute Barbie Frozen Costumes Time

Cute Barbie Frozen Costumes Time


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Cute Barbie Frozen Costumes Time Description

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years ago Champa and Kalicharan Kalicharan and Champa. Madly in love with each other They were like one soul two bodies. And then one day. What happened? Kalicharan was putting some flowers in Champa’s hair. Lalcharan happened to see them. He went red with rage! And one day, he deceived Champa into drinking poison, in the name of medicine And poor Champa! She screamed, ”Kali, Kali.” . and died. Just imagine! Kalicharan just could not bear the pain of Champa’s death Overthere! Look at that peak! From that very peak, Kalicharan screamed, ”Champa, Champa.” . and jumped to his death! Ever since, Kalicharan’s spirit has been looking for his Champa! Why’re you pointing towards me? Because you are his Champa Me.? Champa! l mean, you look like Champa l’m feeling terribly scared. We can’t stay here anymore, please Nobody goes anywhere! This silly Bahadurtalks a lot of nonsense. .and you start imagining? Bahadur, you’re not telling these kids anymore stories. Understand? And now get ready. We’re going mountain-climbing

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