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Cute Baby Boy And Girl

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    Cute Baby Boy And Girl nd other items they have too many of at the end of the year. Here comes another sermon. I’m out of here. I remember. You know I love you very much, right? And that’s why I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you game’s real. He was made up by a soda company. You have to learn to be selfsufficient, not rely on someone to bring you the things that you want. Okay? Hey, where’d you guys go? That’s why when you do your chores, you get an allowance, so you can buy the things that you want. Trust me. When you get older, no one’s gonna hand ’em to you. I know. I love you very much. I love you, too, Mom. Hmm. Those little rascals didn’t leave any food for me. Let’s make a deal. I will finish putting away the groceries, and I’ll post my new article, and then you can do your chores. Dust the living room, water the plants, and then we go to dinner. Deal? Deal. Are yours this much trouble? You have no idea. Ah, I’m bored. We better not go anywhere. It’s almost nap time. Quick Get it! But it’s almost nap time. Oh, lighten up. Ha ha ha! You paper towels thought you could escape me! Never! You’re right! This is fun! Quick! Don’t let it runaway. I got it! You’re through paper towel. WhooHoo! We gotta make sure it never escapes again! That’s it guys! Nice job, Mittens! This feels great on my claws! Ah! It keeps falling on me. Uh oh! It’s still escaping over here. I’m on it! Hey! Tear it apart. You’re mine paper towel. Whee! Look guys, it’s almost like we have snow in the house now. Oh quick! Grab it guys. Not cool, guys. How’s it going? What happened? The kittens. It doesn’t matter. Just clean it up. They’ll be out of our hair soon enough. Kittens, what did you do? Uh, we may have gotten carried away. I tried to tell them, Mom, but they wouldn’t listen. Oh, yeah? You weren’t the one I saw leaping through the air? Shut up, Hairball! Enough! Kittens, you know Tommy and Julia can’t always do everything for us. If we can’t show them that we can take care of ourselves, they’ll game They’ll what? They’ll give you a new home. A new home? No!

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