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Cool Synchro Sisters

Cool Synchro Sisters


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Cool Synchro Sisters Description

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Cool Synchro Sisters What is this thing? It looks like a tent. This is awful. We can’t give them stuff like this. It’s downright colonialist. I wore it just last winter. It’s warm and cozy. That’s a perfect description of a tent. Very funny. Babette’s right. They need useful things, not nice things. Those are my nice things! They’re here. I’ll get it. Let me! Please, come in. I’m Karine. Hello! What’s your name? Sorina. This is Tatiana and Sorina. My children, Babette, Arnaud. Rémi, my daughter’s boyfriend. No SaintEmilion unless you’re . Who wants water? Is Sorina registered for school? Yes, she’s in sixth grade. Chisinau schools are lousy but I tried to give her a good education. You both speak French very well. Sorina’s English is even better. She can go to America one day. I preferred a private school. But the one near Lucien is okay. Arnaud and I went there. It was very good. I think it still is. Yes, it’s very good. There aren’t many Blacks or Arabs. That could cause problems. I beg your pardon? Tatiana lived through years of communism, then years of social decay. She doesn’t see things through Western eyes. Did I say anything wrong? Not at all. I’m just saying that things are different in your country. I’ve read a few articles. Moldova’s in turmoil these days. Riots, the Mafia, corruption game It’s not the best place to raise a little girl. Because game it’s pretty shitty. Excuse my language but it’s true. We understand. Don’t worry. Do you still have family in Moldova? I don’t see them anymore. We don’t get along. They’re just a bunch of hicks. And they’re mean to Sorina because her daddy’s dead. It must have been hard for you. That’s life! Life’s always hard, isn’t it? Can I smoke? Of course. I’ll get the next course. Your bracelet’s pretty. I really like it. Do you have a job here? Just odd jobs. That’ll change when I get my papers. Really? So you hope to be regularized? Now that I’m married, it’ll be a breeze. Thanks to Lucien. To help Tatiana get her papers, I married her on Friday. What? Strictly a marriage of convenience.

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