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Cool Star Stylin

Cool Star Stylin


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Super kush. I could put in a word with the CO? Oh, god, are you crazy? Like I’m gonna leave my kid for two years. You tell him yet? I feel like an asshole. Orders are orders. I know game . I feel like I should be pissed, and I am, I’m really ing pissed. But you know, part of me actually game It’s really ed up. All I know is you’re one hell of a medic. Now the trick is to get it right in the vein, just like that game because that’s where the medicine needs to go. And then we put a piece of tape over it, so it doesn’t move. Nice and easy, hold on game okay. Good job. Okay? Now we’re gonna let the patient rest, because we’re gonna talk about something. Does that mean no bedtime story? No, no, we can have a bedtime story, but just pop up here for a sec, okay? Come on. Okay. Remember how I had to go away? For a while because of work? To Afghanistan? Mmhm. It looks like I have to go back. Why? Because I have a very important job and those people depend on me. So will you be gone one day? It’s gonna be the same as last time. Okay? And hopefully a little bit shorter. Well, that’s too long. It is too long. But the most important thing is, is that I love you a ton. Okay, and Daddy’s gonna take really good care of you while I’m gone. With Alma? With Alma. Now can I have a story? Yeah, you can have a story, come here. Paul? Paul? Paul? Paul? Paul. Paul. Paul! Wait! Wait! Have you seen a little boy? Five years old, have you seen a little boy? Paul! Paul, where are you? Paul! Paul! Paul. Oh, my god. I want to go home. Oh, my god, I thought I lost you. Go to sleep. Hey. Maggie game you all right? Yeah, I’m good, I need to talk to you. Now? Who is it, Brian? Look, I need you to get me on that assignment in Korea. I looked into it, and it’s an accompanied tour, which means I can take Paul with me. Who is this? Uh, Maggie Swann, we served together. Just game give me two game She’s just my friend, Ami. Got any other friends stopping by I should know about? Uhoh. It’s a twoyear assignment. I realize that, but they won’t let me out of deploying, because

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