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Cool School Girls Style

Cool School Girls Style


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Cool School Girls Style Description

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Cool School Girls Style first confess their sins through a priest, Through a rite called the sacrament of penance, More commonly known as “confession.” So in order to make up for our insufficient goodness And our actual wrong actions, We must all Laypeople as well as clergy We must all confess our sins at least once a year, And preferably more often than that, to a priest. This was a negative development on several counts. First of all, it’s taught nowhere in the bible. Secondly, it puts a mortal man in the place of Christ And it made god seem detached from the average person. Of course, at the time, it also placed the priest In an awkward position To hear about all the wicked deeds Of his parishioners. When one goes to a priest in the middle ages, There are really three things that are accomplished Through confessing one’s sin. First of all, you make the confession, The priest grants the words of assurance That the sin is absolvedIt’s gone But a person, because they have violated The laws of the church and the teachings of Christ, Has to perform a work of satisfaction In order to make up For the fact that they have sinned. The bible teaches that mankind is helpless to save himself. This is why Jesus came to this world. The scriptures teach that salvation depends entirely Upon our trust in god for mercy and grace, That we don’t deserve it; It’s a magnificent gift That can never be earned by our efforts or good works. Even obedience comes through a gift of grace. The new testament doctrine of salvation by faith Is widely taught and understood today, But during the darkness of the middle ages It was easier to convince the illiterate masses That they needed to perform good deeds In order to earn god’s favor. The people were taught that if a sinner Was to have any hope of appeasing god, He or she would need to pay huge sums of money, Perform painful acts of penance, Or make some weary pilgrimage. This would often include An assignment to recite certain prayers over and over As a requirement to obtain forgiveness. Forty “hail Marys” and ten

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