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Cool Romance

Cool Romance


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Cool Romance Description

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and you can all off now. Cheers crap hat. Endex. Oi. Stuey, smile for the camera, buddy. Stu. Fancy getting a photo? Alright. Where’s my bergen? , sorry mate. I took it over there. That’s one for the khazi, that one. Stu! Bring that other med bergen out with you, yeah? Will do. You alright, Mark? You smash those ers tonight, yeah? Will do, buddy. With pleasure. You faggots, stop flirting. If you’re the Russians, you know, seventy-nine, eighty and you’re defending Normandy Game Where’d you lay your APs? Try not to it up from here, aye? Dead ground on approaches to the OP. Why, what’s up? Dunno. What the are mines doing down here, mate? For ‘s sake. . I’m down. Lads I’m down. . My leg. My leg! Stu, wait, I’m coming. Jay, Smudge, get the back! Stand fast, Smudge, the whole place is loaded. I stood on a Game Safe route is not safe, man. ! ! Let’s go. Somebody get me some morphine. off. It’s alright, Stu. Let me do my job, buddy. Let me do my job. Leave me! leave me! Stuey Game Stu. ! hell. Was it Stu? Come on. Come keep your shit together. Alex, do you need any kit? Get off me. Leave me. Just leave me. Right, all done. Nice and tight, mate. Yup. Get ready to take his leg. No! Right. ! ! OK, all done. Any kit out? Right, move it. . ! OK, mate. hell! It really Game Right, alright Game ! What kit have you got? ! Mate, where’s your bergen? He was carrying it. What have you got? Er, morphine, tourniquet, saline, dressing. One of each. Ken, elevate the leg! What do you need, pal. Let me know. Stay there, Tug. Just stay with Stu. Mark. Now Mark do you need me in there? Stand firm, Jar Head. No one in. Help yourself here. Here take the leg. Kilo Two to Kilo Five Bravo. SITREP, over. Take his leg. Yeah. His leg, mate. Move it, move. You got it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kilo Five Bravo. Mine strike, Stu Pearson. P one, left leg. Notify cas evac need for second winch. Over. Kilo Two to Kilo Five Bravo. It’s a negative on the winch. Over. Say again. I was informed Black Hawk was inbound, over. We’ll get you out of there. Just hang tight, Bravo.

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