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Cool Rainbow Dress

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  • Cool Rainbow Dress

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    Cool Rainbow Dress Description

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    .he quacks say I’ll be right as rain and back on the front line in no time. Cool Rainbow Dress Are you sure? Mm. Thank you. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m still here. Well, you were lucky. Apparently, Fritz has developed a new type of stink bomb Cool Rainbow Dress. Makes you wretch so you have to take off your gas mask and then the chlorine kills you. Fiendish. Excuse me. What about Henderson? I’m very sorry. Well, the good news is, we still have plenty of material coming in from our distinguished contributors. Please, tell me it isn’t all poetry. Fine. It isn’t all poetry. That’s a lie. It is all poetry. Damn and blast. Alert the medical orderlies, Jack. There’s been a serious outbreak of poetitus. Subalterns are being seen with notebook in one hand, a bomb in the other, absently walking near the wire in deep communion with the muse. It’s probably because spring is in the air Cool Rainbow Dress. The picture of little lambs gambolling among the whizzbangs is so beautiful and romantic. I’ve had enough verse. Doctor! I demand an injection of prose. What we do have is, a lot of letters to the editor Cool Rainbow Dress.

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