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Cool Night Party

Cool Night Party


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Cool Night Party Description

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an attack by two helicopters. They were Mi combat helicopters very fast. They shot people with machine guns. I took a picture and ran. Many pregnant women walked hoping to be able to eat and drink water to reach the promised land. I had to go there at least two more months. And when I arrived in Sudan, I had a lot of work with the arrival of these people. This man came from Ethiopia. His son was exhausted, perhaps dead, but the man was carrying. When he got to the doctors the child was dead, after so much walking. We had to decamp from MSF. Water is essential in these camps and it was becoming a big problem. You had to move as quickly as possible. They piled into the trucks of the United Nations to take them to another camp, a beautiful and fertile land on the banks of the Blue Nile. I did about , kilometers aboard these trucks. Two of my friends truck, They acted as if it were a Sunday afternoon either, and they were telling stories under a tree. Being close to the Nile, we had water. But here people died because there was no food. They reached the edge of poverty. They forgot or could not bring food. There was a disorganization of food. They said there was, that there was. And when I got here there was nothing. Me fui a Mali. Here too there was a great drought. The skin of the people were like the bark of trees. Trees marked by wind and sand, by sandstorms. There were only women and children. The men went to Libya to work, or they migrated to Ivory Coast in search of work with the promise to return and bring food for the family. But very few returned. All were safe because MSF did a great job. They brought aid to the region. This is a friend, Luc, a Belgian doctor. It is measuring and weighing the child. After , days, they were unrecognizable, healthier. But they were scarred for life because they lacked things during growth. This kid was alone, with his little guitar in hand, He is carrying the remains of a shirt, but not wearing pants. Watch her determination, her posture. He is someone who knows where it goes.

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