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Cool Night Party Adventure

Cool Night Party Adventure


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Cool Night Party Adventure Description

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Am l running any eunuch company to play dice game? My company is different. Do you know to play singing song with last word?- l know sir. Then start! That is Games that is Games – Sing l say! Pain Games pain Games heart is in pain Games She pinches me all over Games She squeezes my nerves Games and makes me fall in love Games Sir last word is ‘Tha’. Thillana Games thillana Games my innocent eyed beauty Games There’s a super singer in you sir. Shut up! Sing the next song. What was the last word sir? Boys, scratch his memory. Na’ Games l was born Games this world laughed Games l laughed Games this world cried Games Who the hell bothers about this world? You’re a flower that withers, why do you want to sing songs? The gardener is not with you Games Oh falling night sky, why do you need colourful horizon? The world has turned dark long back Games This night will never break into a dawn Games This is wrong game, how can l sing from middle? Shut up! Start from where ever l end. lf you want the world to change, it’s you who must change Games Brother! Shall l finish him? ls it any film song? Yes. Song from new film. We didn’t watch it. ls it my mistake sir? l got it sir. You’re not beating me for not knowing you sir, you’re beating me to know something from me. What’s it sir? You’re very smart boy! Come! Take it out! Oh God, knife! Please don’t kill me, sir. Do you know him? Who is he, sir? My father, Godfather to villages! Great man! Appears to be living! But l’m sorry he’s no more with us. The photo is effusing life, sir. l’ll wring your neck! My father is still alive! Do you know who they are? Great! As if showing senior NTR’s photo and asking who is he? Are you praising me? Tell me clearly who they are? You three, sir. Do you know who she is? l don’t know sir. Bloody rogue! Tell me.- Know her but don’t know how l know her. She’s our sister. l didn’t do anything with her. l swear on you, sir. lt’s not wrong to fall in love with girls. But cheating them with your sweet talk is wrong. You know your mistake very well.

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