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Cool Girl

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    .ress up games. Little bobbing Bobby. The one who has little red star flashes on his jimjams? Captain, how can I help? Of course. Yes. Looking forward to it, dress up games. Thank you, Smith. dress up games. Lieutenant Colonel Howfield has granted us the privilege of a full inspection. When? Now. Initiate “Operation Panic”. Where is that “tip me up” duckboard when you need it? We under attack, dress up games? Quite the reverse. We’ve got an inspection by the Divisional Staff, which means for as long as they’re here, there won’t be any action at all. Not even our artillery would open fire when there’s a brass hat down here. Henderson, Dodd, shift these trays. Put them under the books. Barnesy, get hold of this. To say an old adage  war is long periods of boredom punctuated by sheer terror. dress up games. At ease, Roberts. Hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, dress up games. Well, I should be, shouldn’t I? Boche obviously not keeping you occupied, and vice versa. You’ve got time on your hands, Roberts, and time is the soldier’s greatest enemy.

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