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Cool Girl Adventure

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  • Cool Girl Adventure

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    Cool Girl Adventure Description

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    Why ki yourse f? Was it ong after Richard’s death? Or because they tortur you? With a razor b ade. Richard to d you something. They tortur you to find out what. With a razor b ade. What did he te you? Afraid they’ come back if you ta k to me? Yes, I am. IBERTY Excuse me, mister. I’m the sister of Richard P Radio He work here in February or March. Did he eave a etter or package for me? I wou dn’t know. What is it? I just heard you mention Richard P Radio I overheard you from the accounting office. They’re scared. They doub our pay to keep us quiet. But Mr. P Radio was very nice to me. He was the on y one. He once ask me to come to his home to check the books in a vi a outside At antic-Cité. Where? Near the mi itary airfie d. Preminger Street. Something ike that. That’s a I know. We , we. Find anything? No more than you. What makes you say that? You’d either eave me in peace or get rid of me. I think Inspector A drich is smarter. Ever think about what wou d happen if he’s the first to earn who ki Typhus? He takes himse f too serious y. He gives me a pain. But I have to find a way. He say what he thought of me? Why the he shou d I care? I’m in charge of the fifth region, not him. Right? Sure you are. Sure. What did you te him? Te who? David Goodie. When A drich question him the second time, he got nothing out of him. He said there’d been a mix-up Radio that you resemb someone e se Radio that he’d never seen you with his unc e. What did you te him? Nothing. We , I’ve been thinking. Whoever ki Typhus is probab y the same person who s ugg you. I know it sounds crazy, but it proves he didn’t find anything either. And Dr. udwig? What? Maybe it was him. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Why wou dn’t he be invo ved? Sure. ike you, he’s a price ess hostage for me. You rea y think so? You sti don’t think Richard was just a dreamer? Have you ever seen a Communist dreamer? He was expe from the party when Picasso died. A charade, a charade. What? You fe for it, ike everyone e se. The MP who’d ent him his Citroén had taken it back for the weekend,

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