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Cool Futuristic Style

Cool Futuristic Style


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Cool Futuristic Style Description

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It’s too dangerous. Stop it. I need you to put a tube in me. What? You’re a Game team medic. No, mate, no. No, no that was, that was two days in Belfast, man. Two years ago. Piece of piss. I put one in a Terry a few weeks ago. What’s your name? Wha Game I said Game Harvey. What’s your name? Jar Head. Jar Head. My right lung’s collapsed. If you don’t cut me Game stick this in my chest, I’ll stop breathing and die. Second rib. Mid clavicular. I’ve asked you once, I can’t ask again. Just cut me. Game Halfway, Tug. awesome. It’s like watching him mount his missus. hell Game What the am I doing? Game it. Sod’s law you get pinged on the way back anyhow. Here, I thought I told you about not walking into a room until you know how you’re walking out of there. OK. OK. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. Why the not. You can do this! it. OK. OK. It’s alright. I trust you. Second rib. Just go, right. Three Game Hey! Doctor coming down. ‘s sake. Thank for that. Tension pneumothorax. What? Tension pneumothorax. Right side. I need it released, now. you, . Sir. Where’s my camera? I need my photos. Oi, Tug. Hold him still, buddy. He’s gonna set off another f Game Stu, stop moving, mate. I need my camera. Alright, alright, alright. We’ll get your photos, just stop moving, please. Hey, pal, cas evac. Ken, you got a drink of water, mate, I’m dying here. No, no, no, I’m out, mate. Tug. Have you got any water? What? You want me to pop back and get some? And water! Casualty evacuation, ten minutes. Barlow. Heads up. Thank for that. Here, Mark. OK. You got it. OK. OK, next one. Cas evac, ten minutes. Yeah. Yeah Always t Game God damn it! What the is going on down there? ! it Game What is so Game man! ! Tug, Tug help me. help me. OK. Ken, Ken, I’ll get to you when I can, OK? There’s a tourniquet and a morphine pen, yeah. You know what you’re doing, lad. Tug! Be with you in a minute, man. Be with you in a minute. Tug, I need some morphine. OK, OK. God! I need some morphine. Yeah, I’m with you, Stu. I’m with you. Prosser!

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