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Cool Futuristic Style Adventure

Cool Futuristic Style Adventure


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Cool Futuristic Style Adventure Description

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I was crazy. Uh, take them down. Take the posters down. You’re kidding me, right? No, the concert’s off. No, dude. No, dude, no. This can’t happen, okay? This Games It’ll ruin everything. Why the hell do you care so much? You’re a goddamn intern. I just busted my ass putting these posters up a-and telling everyone I know about this concert. I just mortgaged my parents’ house to make a record of a washed-up band. I’m Games I’m sorry, but Games I think it’s time to cut our losses. Hey, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Lydia and I just got into it. About what? She says that I’m not being aggressive enough. That I’m not pushing sales or something. You know what I don’t get, Rachel? Why are you even working this freaking job? You’re a designer. Can you hear me? Not a sales clerk. Now what? This is my birthday. Oh, . Uh Games Look, look, look. Don’t even worry about it. Freaking canceled anyway. One night, Charlie. Is that so much to ask? You’re not listening to me. The concert is canceled. I bet you know the birthday of every guy in the band. Look, I’m Games I’m sorry. Um, you know, you want to get your lobster right now? If you want, I’ll drive the truck right into the ocean and you can be with all the goddamn lobsters. I can’t do this, Charlie. I need more from you. I’m going through a tough time. Yes, I know. And I am doing everything I can to help you. But you never listen to me. What am I not listening to? What am I not listening to? Oh. “Oh” what? This. This, for one. I asked you to at least check it out. Come on. I always Games always Games take an interest in your work. Do you know how many ty demos I’ve listened to? I finally find one that I like and you won’t even listen to it. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Why should I take career advice from you when you’ve done nothing to pursue yours? I mean, you really should finish your F.I.T. application, Rachel. I am going to. Y-You are? I’m going to. You’re going to what? Come on. You watch me do what I love and you do nothing for yourself. How inspiring. Why are you saying this?

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