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Cool Fashion Choices Time

Cool Fashion Choices Time


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Cool Fashion Choices Time Description

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Oh, there we go. There we go. (CAR DOOR OPENS) Here’s your doll. (KNOCK ON DOOR) MAUREEN: Court. Hello. Hi. Dani is at the hospital if you want to run on down and visit with her. I don’t think so. It, uh, sure was a nice day. Yeah. Looks like it’s going to be a nice night, too. Looks like. Yeah, looks like. (Games STATIC) MATT: I’ll sure be glad when I can leave this place and take you with me. Why don’t you go home and get some sleep for a change? I’ll see you in the morning. You call me if anything happens. DANI: Yes, sir. I will. (MUSIC PLAYS) Thanks. So, do you like Elvis? Sure. Who doesn’t? Dani absolutely adores him. Well, she did until you came along. You Games Pretty well shot Elvis out of the saddle. I can’t believe my little sister is grown-up enough to have a boyfriend. It’s not quite exactly like that. I mean Games It’s more like we’re sort of buddies. Just Games Real close buddies. Does Dani know that? COURT: I tried to tell her. You like her a lot? Of course I like her. I mean, she’s Games Special. Oh. Yeah, she, um Games She is that. But what if I met someone else Games Someone special in a different sort of way? Someone Games She’s my sister. If you Games Need a friend, I make a pretty good one. A friend’s not what I need right now. (TELEPHONE RINGS) You better go. (RING) (RING) Daddy! The hospital called. Mama’s having the baby. All right. I’m on my way. Okay. ABBY: I’m glad you’re the one here with me. DANI: Me, too, mama. You’re not frightened, are you? No, mama. Good. DANI: Are you scared? Not a bit. I’ve done this before, remember? Aah. Lord, Court. (BABY CRYING) Hope you ordered a girl, Abigail. Well, I know someone who’s going to be mighty disappointed. Matt had his heart set on a boy. Want me to put it back? God, no. DANI: Court! Hey, Court! Where are you? Court! We’ve got a girl! She’s just the tiniest thing and perfect all over, except she’s baldheaded. And I was there for the whole thing. They didn’t actually let me go in, but I was there. It was beautiful. Anyway Games I couldn’t wait to tell you about the baby. And I wanted to apologize for the last time I saw you. I was being unreasonable. But when two people really care about each other Games Well, when two people really care Games They try to understand things, even when it’s hard. Don’t you think so? Yeah. Sure. Well, I’ll see you, okay? Yeah. I never thought I could feel this way. It’s like, I’ve been waiting for you to come back and find me, and Games Now I’m afraid it’ll all go away. I’m not going anywhere. Come on, Dani. Unlock Games Door. He’s unlocking it. Daddy’s going to open it. Come on, Missy. Let’s put the baby to bed. Maureen! Maureen? Where could she have gotten off to? She knew we’d be back about noon. (MAUREEN LAUGHING) (BOTH LAUGHING) I love you. I love you, too. I have to go. What are we going to do? Don’t think about that. We have to think about it. Not yet. We don’t have to think about it yet. Yes, we do. I have to go. I’ll see you later. Court, come on. I have to go. Stop it. You’re going to make me late.

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