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Cool Cover Girl

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  • Cool Cover Girl

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    No, it’s really scary. You mean you’re not scared at all? No. If you could games What will you give me? I told you he was scared! Scared? Scared. Scared! Nothing to be scared of! Let’s go. Where? Inside? Roya games Be careful games This place is something games Can you hear it? What’s that sound? Mr. Jinn? What happended? Maybe they’ve seen a jinn. A jinn? What is it? I hear something from there Where are you going? Farhad! One minute. Farhad games Farhad games Farhad games Farhad games Don’t be scared, it’s me. i wanted to say there’s a way from there to here. I’m sorry. Look. Where? Come. Did you see it? Listen games can you hear it? A jinn sound like this? I don’t know, let’s go back. You’re scared? No! You’re with me, you’re my responsibility. Come. The jinn sound? It’s my cellphone. What kind of tune is this? Change it for God’s sake. Did you drop something? God helped you, Lucky it was only a glass. When I was young I went inside there out of curiosity They threw a large stone as big as a brick to me. They were three and they had swollen legs with hooves And their bodies were covered in hair. Why do they throw stones? They are jinns. Jinns, jinns! You may see a cat and it could be a jinn. A dog could be a jinn, even my chikens could be. They’re not humans. They don’t eat food. They eat shadows, you know, like my shadow games They eat that. And they dress fancy. They marry within themselves, glorious weddings. But games But if they become bad, they give you hell. You are walking when suddenly someone get hold of your ankle as if pulling you inside, you can’t walk. They once got hold on my ankle, I beat myself so much and screamed, they let go and went into the cellar. when walking, always say God’s name. Maybe your foot was stuck to a stone or something? Have you heard of a curse killing the brides? Killing a bride? Yes, it’s for few years now that on wedding night, the brides suddenly disappear one of the corpes was found by the river. because jinns like beautiful brides. you take care of yourself, it’s a pity you become their bride.

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