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Cookie Monster 4

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    Cookie Monster 4 Description

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    Cookie Monster 4 I’m gonna take it! It’s too deep! I can’t swim! It’s like Finding Nemo. One of you es grab me! Should we help him? Nah. Help! Turns out, I wasn’t the only one in need of rescuing. Where was I? The article. Yes, yes, yes, the article in the O Magazine. They talked about all the craziness that goes on in these bachelor and bachelorette parties. I read the same article. And the women are getting just as wild as the men. With the Magic Mike strippers and the bridesmaids dares. Or faking an orgasm, you know. All of that in a crowded bar. Or doing Jello shots off a stranger’s abs? I don’t know why women can’t have just as much fun as men. She’s right. Getting a lap dance at your bachelor party is expected. But if women have fun Game You’re whores! Did she just call us whores? Yeah. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about all that behavior with you, Candace. All that girlish foolishness. You’re much too old for that! Much too old. I heard you the first “old”. So, what are you guys gonna do tonight? Nothing too wild, you know, just girl time, you know, girls of the same age. And cocktails at a couple clubs. Maybe take in a show. Good. Then you’ll have plenty of time. Time? Time for what? I’ve gotta get away from her. I know, I know. Anybody got any sleeping pills? Don’t worry. I can get rid of her. How? I can handle that old battleax. Ladies, I’ve got another surprise. We’ve got reservations tonight Game Excuse me. Miss Loretta, I am so sorry to disappoint you, sweetie, but we already have plans. I was able to squeeze in a reservation for five at Nobu. Corner booth. Isn’t that a coincidence? How so? Andre the concierge was able to score reservations for seven tonight at Nobu. At the head table. So we’re going, girls! I can’t believe you were gonna exclude Tish. Damn, she’s good! Welcome to the rest of my life. Okay, you guys, there’s gotta be something that we can do. What does Miss Loretta want or need? She needs to get laid. Wait a minute. When does your Uncle Eddie arrive? Didn’t you say he flirted with her at the couple’s party?

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