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Confused Boy

Confused Boy


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Confused Boy Description

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It was the , both they involved in leftwing movements, as other students in Paris, Berlin or Chicago. Brazil was under the rule of a brutal military dictatorship, thus, the risk of being arrested, deported and tortured was constant. In August , Sebastian y su Lelia if marcharon of homeland and they took a boat to France. Sebastião while continuing his training as an economist, Lélia studying architecture. A memorable day, she bought a camera for their work. And we really had fun with her was Sebastião. The first photograph was taken Lélia, of course. Sebastião entered the International Coffee Organization and they moved to London. With the idea of ​​a career in the World Bank, often he traveled to Africa to study development projects. Lélia’s camera was taking and always he returned with many pictures. Realizing that those pictures They met him much more than economic reports, both took a bold decision. He had to take the enormous risk to abandon his promising career as an economist to start from scratch. They returned to Paris and spent all photographic equipment cost. For a time, Sebastião tried photographing sports, made portraits, weddings and even naked, before finding his calling. Those are my first photos. We were in Tahoua. Two young mothers queuing to receive food. It was a time of great drought in Niger, . For Lelia was more difficult because she was pregnant. I remember once we were there, in a friend’s house in Niamey. Then came the marabout of Niamey. Lélia was wearing shorts, she was gorgeous. And the marabout came, sat down, and said Lelia. “Come out, sit on my lap.” “Oh,” I said, “Marabout sir, there is a small problem, this woman is pregnant our first child. You better stay here.” He understood the need game the lack of synchronization at that time. And finally, we talked so much that it was a kilo of sugar, as happy as if he had gone with Lelia. His son Julian was born in Paris in . There’s my future colleague and codirector. Lélia continued to support Sebastião around as a young mother. He worked

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