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    Confidant Description

    Confidant, Confidant Games, Play Confidant Games

    Okay? Okay. Let’s turn out the lights. Open yourpalm. What am i going to do? Rub it as hard as you can. Like this? . Close your eyes. Okay. They’re closed. Now place your hands on yourface. Like you’re praying. Inhale the smell on yourpalms. What’s Game What is it? O Lord almighty We seek refuge in you from evil. My hands are burning Lord Protect this innocent girl from the wrath of the jinn Show mercy My hands Lord, we take shelter in your mercy Protect us . Do you see? Games what did you do? Turn it off. He’s here Game He’s here. He’s here. I’m scared. I’m scared. He’s here, he’s here. He’s here. Come. I’ll show you something. drew this on my hand, didn’t she? Games Yes. Do you see? The same is here in this book. What does that mean? It means mirror. Mirror? Games The book is maybe a thousand years old. But drew the same text on my hand. But why is that so important? Because forus, jinns are inside mirrors. BThis is exactly what it says. If a jinn completely takes over a young body. It sends a message that says mirror. Is my daughterpossessed by a jinn. Games Definitely, and the most dangerous kind. Now, I need an empty room. Two mirrors and candles, okay? Games Okay. Mom, will the next house do? Games Of course. Okay. Games Okay. Faruk Hodja I think the mirrors are an excuse you’re stalling. The otherday you covered that woman with a black cloth and she was instantly cured. Right. Games Why didn’t that work here. This situation is different. Games How so? Because the spell I used didn’t work. And? Games The jinn that has possesed . Is very dangerous, it won’t leave the body until it dies or kills her. The cruelest jinn Games Be quiet, they’ll hear you. Aren’t we here to help? Yes but you have to give up when you know you won’t succeed. ‘s motherwill allow us to take herto the hospital. I’ll end it if I feel I can’t help her. Games Promise? Promise. Games Okay. It is now : I am Doctor Karaduman.

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