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Confidant Adventure

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  • Confidant Adventure

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    Confidant Adventure Description

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    Did I told you to follow your father’s footsteps? No, Ma, but I’m not talking about you. Who wants you to follow your father’s footsteps? Who’s putting all this in your head? ‘Cause I know it’s not me. He was in the streets and he got shot in the head, okay? For being in the wrong place with the wrong people. I don’t want nobody knocking on that door game telling me, “Your son got shot in the head.” How many times game in just one month you hear that something happened to somebody game out there in that street? Somebody got shot. Somebody got stabbed. I ain’t my fa game They found somebody dead in a building. Me and my father is two different people, Mother. We two different people. That’s what you think. You don’t know, John. Looking sharp. Think it was a setup? I don’t think it was a stray bullet. Who would wanna him though? Well, people get envious. He was handsome, he was strong and he could fight. A stray bullet to the head. I don’t think so. I’m gonna jump to you, okay? Jump. What the hell? That was like a ballet jump right there. I wasn’t prepared for that. I need to have weight structure, weight balance. My God, whatever. Salsa is like the same thing. Catching. Hey, hey, you gotta catch. Hey, hey, hey, hey. You know Primo runs everything, right? That’s what people say. But then my pop gets capped and it’s, like, bad luck? What are you trying to say? How does my pops die and nobody knows anything? What do you game Okay, so this is what he looks like. This is the man you wanna look for. And I don’t even know if he’s gonna show up. But if he does, just keep it calm. I just don’t want a scene. Just diffuse the situation. All the men. All the ladies. Grab a hand, girls. One, two, three! You gotta shake it better than that. Let’s go. Get ’em up there! Get ’em up there! Whoo! All the way around. All the way around. One more time. Big pose for that camera. Give me a pose. Looking good. Let’s go. Raise your hands! And now my man. For Rocky himself. Let’s hear it for Adam. Grab a handle. Grab a handle. One, two, three!

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