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Color Carnival Slacking

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  • Color Carnival Slacking

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    Color Carnival Slacking Description

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    Color Carnival Slacking Do you see what I am walking around with? I see it. Unfortunately for the girls, their set offense had run into a nasty zone defense. Shit! Uncuff me! I don’t have the key. Uncuff me! I got it. Watch out. Ladies. Hi! Hi! Just go. Hide the cuffs. Come right on in. High tea. Damn! Look at that. Dude, can you imagine having a woman like that? Just keep this in mind. For every supermodel you see, every hot girl you see, there’s some dude that’s sick of her shit. Zeke, you and Mya having problems again, man? Obviously. She’s suddenly fixated with my past. That whole “Zeke the Freak” thing. Oh, God! Imagine that. Take a second to look at this damn view. This is what it’s about, man! Fellas! Bennett! Get your ass up! What’s wrong with you? Clay Aiken! Asleep. What are you all doin’? MotorStorm: Apocalypse, baby! And somehow, he’s whooping my ass! I’m about to whoop both your asses. Do you know where you are right now? At the pool. We’re in Vegas! Why are you screaming? Mr. Ward? Yes. Care for another drink? You know what? Yes. You know what? Give me something strong. And give me five more shots of testosterone for these ladies that I’m with right now. Thank you. Yes. Boy, I’d like to climb that mountain right there, I’ll tell you that much. That is a big badonkadonk. All of a sudden, you’re good at video games? Listen, I play this every night with Duke. Duke’s a great kid. He cracks me up. You know what he asked me earlier today? If, after the wedding, if it would be okay if he called me “Dad”. Time out. Let me ask you a question. That doesn’t freak you out at all? What? Out of nowhere, all of a sudden Game You’re an instant dad, just like that. You’re responsible for this whole other human. No. Not a cat, not a dog. This is a human, with teeth and hair and bones and blood. What if they hurt somebody? What if they get kidnapped? Or if they kidnap somebody? Either way, it’s all down to you for the rest of your life. That doesn’t freak you out? No. I’m excited about it. I don’t even know why I ask you stuff. I want you to stand up and enjoy this Game What?

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