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    What’s there to cut now? Something is already there! I’ve grabbed it! Should I cut it? Should I cut It You Games You’re got it wrong! Put down your scissors! Relax. Push! The harder I push, the further it comes up! No, push it down! I feel like my belly is Games going to explode Games No, no! I give up. I give up! Push, push! Push harder! Is it Miss Huo? Are you okay? I’m fine.Thanks, Someone is outside. Let it out now! Quick! Something’s wrong. Push. Now! Someone’s having a baby! Yes. Stay outside. Who is she? My mother. Your mother is giving you a little brother? So lucky. Where’s your father? He Games died. I’m so sorry for your mother. But don’t worry. Childbirth is my area of expertise. Although I’ve never given birth, I’ve read many books Games and heard so much about it. I’ve been preparing all along Games to give birth anytime. Excuse me, I’m just too excited. You gave birth to a white radish! Let me see! Be careful. A monster is a monster. Does it look look me? Sure. Do you need any help? Wake up, wake up. Good this is better, darling. I saw Games Nightmare? Right? Excuse us. We meant to help you, but Games Good that Madam is fine now. How’s the baby? The baby is doing good. How is the baby’s mother? I’m fine. Thank you. I’ve never seen someone stand up right after giving birth. Where’s the baby’s father? He died. What? I’m fine too. Thank you very much. That baby is so quiet. No crying. Where’s Niuniu? Niuniu? Niuniu may have gone to see the baby. Does any of you inside see Niuniu? Don’t hit him. What’s that? Is everything okay? All good. Niuniu, you should come out. Wait. Oops. Madam faints again. Whats wrong with you today? Excuse me, excuse me. Wow, really? They are monsters? Definitely. If you want, I can capture them for you. Capture? Go capture yourself! Have you two villagers Games seen my son Daitian? Anybody? So hot. It’s having a fever! Go get a towel. Get some water. Still very hot Change water, change water! Change again Okay, Okay. The feveris gone Games but it’s still weak. Oh,

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