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College Fashion

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  • College Fashion

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    Get a divorce. You know, in College Fashion Dress Up Games everyone divorces or times in a lifetime. The more a man divorces, the more successful he is thought to be. You’re lucky. It’s the first time someone has told me that College Fashion Dress Up Games When I talk to you or Miao, it’s like Dress Up Games I feel Dress Up Games this nostalgia. Seiji, check it out! What? That black thing! Where? You don’t see it? Right above the cloud. It’s moving! The Hakushu Dance Festival, the Rainbow Rave, and the Reggae Splash! I was asked to organize the Reggae Splash! Mahiru, how are you? Hmm? Don’t worry, I’m fine. You think that rave parties are full of drugs and hippies getting high? Is that what you think? There are people who do that, but not everyone. Maybe you’re not really following me. Did you understand? How should I say it? I’m sure that you understand. It’s transcommunication. The mind of each person opens up, and they become connected on a spiritual level. I’m worried about your health. What do you want? Nothing. How is your mother? She’s in the new pigsty. Have you seen it? I made it myself. Nice. I’ll go have a look. Mum! What are you doing here? What about your job? There’s no work today. Why don’t you bring Keiko over for dinner? If she comes, you’ll make her work. Your skin is becoming very soft. Really? That’s thanks to you, Keiko. Thank you. And also thanks to Water of the Burning Sun. Don’t you know? It’s in vogue. Very good to fight toxins. At first,College Fashion it gives you diarrhea. But then your skin becomes cleaner and clearer. Is it advertised? Yes, it’s called Water of the Burning Sun. Is it really so good? Where can I buy it? Not in the store. I’ll give you some. Will you? You should taste it. Thank you. You order it, and it’s delivered every month. I’ll show you. Please do. Keiko, would you like to come to my corporate party? Am I allowed to? It’s at Storia, isn’t it? Yes. I’d love to come! College Fashion Do come then. Thank you! The sun is shining so brightly. Have you seen that huge crow? Crow, why are you cawing? Crow in the mountains

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