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Coffee With Milk

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    .We all love the music hall, dress up games! Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Cloth Hall at Ypres. Best ventilated hall in the town Coffee With Milk Tonight, for your delectation, we proudly present positively dress up game the greatest collection of performers ever collected in one place at one time. Yes, it’s Mr Thomas Atkins And Co in their stupendous new revue, The Big Bangs Are Here. Oodress up game! With music by Mr R Tillery. And not to mention Mrs Miniworther, who always meets with a thunderous reception. And not forgetting Bouncing Bertha,dress up games who’s only inches high but is guaranteed to bring the house down. And, there’s more, with Hind and Berg, sword swallowers and nail eaters. And introducing the world’s favourite comedian, Kaiser Bill and his little Willie. That’s the crown prince I’m talking about. Thank you. But I promised you a song and a song you shall have. A pleasing patriotic performance from our very own privates  The Atkins brothers  Thomas and Tommy. dress up games I heard the bugles calling  Join up, I felt I must  Now I wish I’d left them bugles go on blowing till they bust.  Yes, this show is going to run, and run and run and run Dodd, did you go swimming? Give its a rest, Smithy I was switching patrols. As you were, Smith .Coffee With Milk Great news, dress up game, apparently the war will be over within the week. Says who? Says Hilaire Belloc. Didn’t he say the war was going to be over within the week last week? I rather think he did. And the week before. Now you’re just jealous cos we don’t have a war expert of our own. Somebody who really knows what’s going on. Yes, you’re right. Perhaps we should employ our own Hilary Belloc. What about Belary dressupgames? I hear he’s very well informed. Really? So what is Mr dressupgames’s latest take on the war? Good evening dress up game.

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