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Coffee With Milk Time

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    I mean, I’ve never flown it further than miles Games but it could work. [TROY] I like your confidence, Brother. [FLETCHER] It should work. It has to. Radio check. Good check. DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Anything? Not yet. Chum! Go chum! Hey, guys? Guys, you ready to be famous? What do you mean? Check out the number on the bottom of that window? . million and change. That’s how many people are watching right now. A little help here. You mean now, as in live? Yeah! I wouldn’t be risking my life out here Games if everyone and their mother didn’t know about it. Yeah! Yeah! Oh, please, cute-cat videos get more hits than you. That’s because cute-cat videos are like crack to people. Have you ever seen Squirrel vs. Ninja cat? Oh, yeah! I love that one! It’s so good. Compete with that! Come on, let’s go! You don’t know how to chum. Chum! Chum! Been awhile since we’ve been on a boat together. Yeah. I’m proud of you, Gina Games real proud. GEIGER COUNTER BEEPING He’s close. We’re not even halfway there. Look alive, guys. He’s close. We’re nowhere near where we need to be yet. Tell me about it. We’re not even at four million viewers yet. That’s not what I meant. Hey, there he is! Hey, pick it up! He’s coming in hot. Whoa! Whoa! ALL YELLING How can a shark move that fast? We got to slow this thing down! There’s a boat-load of oxygen tanks under the bow! Get ’em! What are we supposed to do with these? Throw ’em in the sharks mouth and shoot him! Like Jaws? We don’t even have a gun! Then just throw them! What’s that gonna do? The shark will heat the water, and they’ll explode. Like depth charges. Yeah, exactly! It might slow it down! Or set it off! Atomic blast! Remember that part? It’s just air! Throw ’em! I hate this plan! We’re doing it! Do it! Agh! Nothing. Throw another one! I got another one! Get another one in there! Okay, this plan sucks! Give me that thing! SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING CRUNCHING You guys okay? Yeah, we’re fine. Fletcher’s gone. We saw. Do you have his drone? Yeah, it’s back here. Good,

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