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    Hey, buddy. How are you? Mm, good to see you, Jamie. Hey, pal. Aw, come here, you. All right, go inside. You guys look so great. I’ll make pancakes for breakfast. Hi. Ooh, you come here too. Come on, Dad. Mm. More of that. I’m coming, pal. I’m coming. Not bad for six weeks on the road. Still, it’ll be nice when you start back at Douglas. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You quit, didn’t you? Now listen. You cannot support this family drag racing. No, Judy, this is important to me. This family needs you, Tom. And it needs a regular salary. Hey, Dad! Ah, come on. He missed you. We all missed you. Hey, what you got there, Joey, more Hot Cars? Hot Wheels, Dad. I’ll see you later, boys. Bye, Mom. Bye, Mom. Hey, now wait a second. Hey, now wait one minute. Tom, I love the track, okay. The life, I love it. It’s what brought us together. But we’ve got our boys now. It’s different. Come on. You’re good with your hands, right? So go grab your job back. Judy. And Mongoose McEwen beats the Snake again with one amazing holeshot. What’s a holeshot? A holeshot is when one driver gets off the starting line faster. Right, Dad? That’s right, son. What, did your grandpa come visit you guys again? Yeah. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, pretty cool. Hey, Don. Damn it, Tom, some of us still have to work, you know. Yeah, yeah. Hey, have you seen these? These are called Hot Wheels. Toy cars. That’s great. Now, Mattel makes a lot of money selling these toy cars. Diecast, brother, that’s where the dough is. And? Well, remember I said we have to think big? Okay, what about a matchrace tour, except this time, we’re fully sponsored by Hot Wheels? Now, we’re talking new cars, new engines, the lot. What’s a kids’ toy company want with two drag racers, man? Oh, well, they get to put their names all over our hot wheels while we race them up and down the country, seen by thousands. The cool part’s this. They get to sell these little suckers with our Mongoose and Snake cartoons on ’em. Kids really dig this, Don.

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