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Clothing Colors

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    they’re all superstitions. They still believe it, don’t you see? They were scared so they ran. Superstition That’s all you know. That’s all you always say. Let’s fınd this İlyas and see if it is superstition ornot. How are we ever going to find him, we’ve been searching for an hour. How should I know, we’ll look for a house with its lights on. Faruk hodja stop. There is a scorpion on the wall. again. Games So Faruk hodja? Games I told you I didn’t know what it means. I called a friend who knows soemthing about these numbers. He’s going to send me some pictures. We’ll see when they arrive. Got it? Okay? Okay. Don’t be mad. Faruk hodja What? Faruk hodja something passed by behind you. Stop. Don’t go. Something black, I saw it. Games What black thing? Games It ran inside, there Faruk hodja don’t go, maybe it’s a dog or an animal Game Faruk hodja Hodja Faruk hodja Where are you I looked inside and it wasn’t there. Are you okay? Okay, okay I’m here. Games Why did yu leave and go inside? Games Calm down. Okay. I’m here. I looked around there’s nothing there. Games Okay? Are you alright? Games Okay, I’m fıne, let’s fınd this house. Okay, come on. Games Walk this way. Games Okay. Faruk hodja. Faruk hodja where are you going, no one lives in a place like this. Let’s go. What is that? Strange. What the hell is this? Yes? We found it. Wait for me. Games Come. Games Together. İlyas Aloğlu? That’s me. Mr. İlyas, my name is . I am a psychiatrist. Before I explain why we’re here I’d like to tell you about the cameras Games There’s no need. I know why you’re here. Come, come. We’ll talk upstairs. Games Isn’t this the shepherd we saw on the road? Games Yes, yes. Games Please take off yourshoes. Games Of course. Please come this way. Games Thank you. Games You’re welcome. Games Shall I leave this here? Games Okay. Now, brother İlyas. What happened to these people here? The sins of two people cursed the entire village.

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