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Cloe Party Makeover Tİme

Cloe Party Makeover Tİme


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Cloe Party Makeover Tİme Description

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Cloe Party Makeover Tİme Spiritually, I believe green burial restores us to reusable materials, returning our nutrient signature to the cycle of life rather than being cut off from it.” Clark wrote, “I feel very alive when speaking about burials. Go figure. I am grateful to still be alive. I am grateful to see such a bright morning sun, I am grateful for having hope of survival, I’m grateful for hope of peace and acceptance, should I not. I am grateful that I can say that I once lived, I once sang, I once danced, and I made music with my life. And now, even without these many such things, I am more connected to people than ever I once was. I am more connected to people than ever I once was.” I will never forget you when I dance. Love you, baby Buddha. Hope to match your zest for life. I’ll remember the last words you said to me, “Have faith.” Clark, I thank you for being so determined to have a green burial. Thanks for being a wonderful friend and neighbor. Thank you all. Clark shed a kind of light unlike any light I’ve ever known and I imagine I’ll ever know again. Clark loved Kelly so much. They had a special bond. Very special bond. Clark, I didn’t know you long, but I loved you so much for the way that you loved my daughter and the way that you had such an impact on her life. And everybody’s lives, and we’re gonna miss you so much. If there’s anyone who would like to stay and help to fill the grave by hand, you are welcome to do that. Otherwise, we’re gonna bring in the big machine to close the grave, and you know how Clark would feel about that. I just can’t believe that we’ve come from the part where game I said to Clark “I’ve got an idea, can we come out here and look? Just come out here and let’s look,” and him saying, “I think this would be perfect.” And here he is.

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