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Cleoparta Makeover

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    Is this it? Games Yes. Turn here. Games White. Are you sure? Iook look. Come in. Welcome. Look , you’ve grown very cute. Sister. Hello. Games Hello. Welcome. Sister, it’s been so long but you haven’t changed. But all my hairis white now. Games Come on Refika. Doctor . Games My darling Esra. How are you? Games I’m fine, how are you? I’m fıne. Who is this? Games It’s me. Oh, hello. Games Hello. Kiss my hand. Are your parents okay? Games They’re fıne. We’ll talk inside. Okay. Games Sister This is Faruk hoca, Faruk Akat. Welcome. Games Hello. Come on, let’s go up to the house. Games Okay, let’s go. We have things in the car, let’s go get them together. Okay. Games There you go. Come. We’re here. Is it this place? Faruk hoca sorry but this house is more beautiful than yours. Very nice. How old is this house? It’s very old. Games But it is the most beautiful old house in Aşağıyazı I can see. And that is our house. Esra is this palce empty? Herfather loved that place, it’s been like that since he died. I see. Shall we go? Games Okay. Faruk hoca. Faruk hoca. Come, let’s take ourstuff from the car. Okay. Fine. Games let’s help them. Okay Esra. There you go. Welcome again. Games Sister, I will hug you once more. Can you hold this? I have missed you. Hoca, may God bless you, you came all the way out here. It’s okay, I hope we can help. Games Ms. , the camera? Games I’ll take that. Esra, can you bring me a glass of water? Games Right away. Hoca, would you like to drink something, water, ayran? Games I’ll have some called ayran. Okay. Did you drive around a lot? Refıka we got lost and asked someone for directions. First he jumped us and then we were attacked by a dog. Where? Games Somewhere along the village road. These places have changed, Game you were little when you left. Games I was and I’ve forgotten it Come Fatma, ourguests have arrived. Games Hello. Faruk hoca. Fatma do you remember ? Fatma we spoke you know.

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