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Cleoparta Best Makeover

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    but you gotta know when to, you know game I’m in and out. You know what I’m saying? I stop by, show niggas love. Appreciate that. Try not to be caught up in the bull, ’cause you know niggas die over petty in the streets, homey. You Blood. You from Brooklyn, homey. I already know what it is, nigga. Niggas ain’t smiling where you from. Niggas definitely ain’t smiling where I’m from. You can’t wake up smiling and be happy. Nah. You gotta walk around with a certain kind of persona on. You know what I’m saying. Daddy. What’s your favorite color? Red. Your favorite color? Red? What’s your favorite color? My favorite color’s blue. Let me see you do your best fish. What you gonna draw, E’niyah? I like to draw a balloon. You want to draw me balloons, E’niyah? Yes. Draw me balloons. Like this. Yeah. A circle. Like that. Okay. Okay. What’s wrong, Putt-Putt? He didn’t want to change his pants. Okay. Come here. Come here. You don’t want to game Come here. Come sit. Okay, okay, okay. Come. Can you stop? Can you stop, please? All right. Enough. Write Mommy’s name. How do you spell your name? Sound it out. Um game Two name. Um, three. What three names? I have to sound out three letters. Who wants breakfast? Me! Me! Jesus. You can make your own breakfast. What do y’all want? Cereal? Yes! Let me see what this says. “Mom, you love me because you like ‘mens’?” What? What? And this one says, “Happy birthday, Dad. For Dad, who I love. Boy.” Ew! That’s him. Thanks very much. She called me a boy, right, E’niyah? Shoot. That looks like a game I did not make nothing on this. You didn’t make nothing? You just folded up the pink paper for me? I’ll go make another one. Can you try and make me a triangle, please? I don’t know how! I gotta hang all the pictures on the wall. You gotta make me a triangle so I can put it on the wall. I don’t know how. Go ask Mommy to help you. Or do you want me to help you? I want you to help me. So go get a crayon, and we’re gonna do it right here. That guy came knocking on my door. He said game Hi, baby.

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