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Clear Coats Time

Clear Coats Time


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Clear Coats Time Description

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look. Are you all right? I want to ask you something. What is it? Why do you smell so nice? Are you a virgin? What else would I be? So this is what they were talking about! They tell me I’ve got to meet that kind of lady when I leave here. Don’t be so fresh! But that’s what my mates told me. Can I feel your bum? You’d better stop now, I’m warning you. There’s no need to get mad. Don’t you get fresh with me! What do you mean. I wash every day, of course I’m fresh. Why are you so mad? So you know Kung Fu, do you? Me too. Well, I’ve got nothing else to do. Shall we play? Play, my foot! I was having a laugh. Are you fighting for real? I’ll show you what I can do! Is that how you carry water? See? I’m very gentle. Let me show you what I’m really made of. What’s this? This is the Crane style. What? The Crane style. Never heard of it. “Here’s my handle, here’s my spout!” You look just like a big teapot! Are you making fun of my method? Let’s make a bet. On what? If I lose, I’ll kowtow to you. If I win game What then? You’ll let me have a feel. Go to hell! You’ve lost. So, do I get to game ? Phoenix! Where are your manners? Father, can you believe that that idiot thought he could take me on? Stop that. Master, forgive my daughter’s impertinence. That’s all right. Go and apologise at once. Apologise? He lost. He should kowtow before me. Nonsense! Master Shek game Master Wisdom will emerge from seclusion tomorrow. Please stay here overnight. It’d be better to discuss the matter with our Master. Thank you so much. Cognition, take the guests to their rooms. This way, please, Master Shek. That’s how I lost, Master. Points six, seven, eight and ten of the Ten Nevers. Wow, I’ve broken four rules by making one mistake? “Six: Never underestimate your opponent.” I admit that I thought fighting a girl would be easy. I was wrong. “Seven: Never hesitate.” “Eight: Never lose focus.” You’ve lost. So, do I get to game ? You know, it was the first time I met a girl. I felt dizzy. “Ten: Never pause between strikes.” Thank you, Masters.

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