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Clear Coats Adventure

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  • Clear Coats  Adventure

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    Clear Coats Adventure Description

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    That’s it, let’s go, girls! [Ruby] Okay. [Jazzy] We’re getting up there! [Jazzy] Let’s go! I can’t believe we’re gonna do this! You’re going down. Come on, girls. Let’s show them what we’ve got. [crowd cheering] d d [drums beating] d d d Watch out, gorgeous. What’s your name? I’m Jazzy. Of course, you are. [music intensifies] [sombre violin music playing] Morning. [all] Good morning. [Kramrovsky] Jasmine! Let’s begin. [piano music playing] Why didn’t you wake me? Are you kidding? You wouldn’t budge. Retrouve! What time did you get in last night? You mean, this morning. Were you with that guy from the pub? His name’s Paolo. He is so hot! He seemed crazy. And possibly, chemically altered. Yeah. But did you see his y bike? Will you stop talking there? Stretch. More, more! Hey, don’t you have that thing tonight with Kyle? Yes. [Ruby] Now, would you be quiet? What are you going to wear? I’ll show you when we get home. Oh. Absolutely not. My wardrobe sucks. I agree. Don’t you have a y little dress? That’s black. What’s wrong with black? Everyone’s going to be in black. You want to stand out! No, I didn’t want to be flashy! I don’t even know if this is a date! But the right dress could make it a date. Okay, nothing in here. Come on, we’re going to have to go with my slam dunk. [woman singing Opera] [Kyle] I’m sorry, it’s just not a challenging piece of music. Well, not for you. Yeah, I know. Oh, wait a second, I’ll be right back. I thought you were going solo tonight? Yeah, but I like to keep my options open. You’re such a player! Hi. Hi. This is really nice. Yeah, well, I Games My sponsor is putting it on some obligations through the whole. Dog and pony show. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, they’re going to call me up to play in a second. Oh, okay. Yeah, I’ll see you in a bit. But, um, mingle, have fun. Games our board members for arranging such a fabulous silent auction for us tonight. Make sure you all play for your generous bids. It’s all for a good cause. Let me help you with that. Oh, it’s Games It’s you.

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