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Clean My Pink Car Fun

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  • Clean My Pink Car Fun

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    Clean My Pink Car Fun Description

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    I haven’t the strength. And you’re a fine one. I must say, you of all people, you disappoint me, if you don’t mind my saying so. You, who always say that self-pity is the most unattractive quality on stage or off. Who have you been working for all these years? The Ministry of Information? Struggle and survival, you say, that’s all that matters. The whole world’s struggling for bloody survival, so why can’t you? My dear Norman, I seem to have upset you. I’m sorry. I understand. We cannot always be strong. There is danger in covering the cracks. Never mind about covering the cracks, what about covering the wig join? KNOCKING Half an hour, please, Sir. Already? You were in late this evening, Sir. She hasn’t returned with the triple crown. I like it on my head by now. Look! What? My hands, they’re shaking. Well, they’ll be very effective in the part. Don’t forget to make them up. I can’t stop them. You do it. Oh, oh, look here. Look here, it must be infectious. I can face the division of my kingdom. I can cope with Fool. I can bear the reduction of my retinue. I can stomach the curses I have to utter. I can even face being whipped by the storm. But I dread the final entrance. To carry my Cordelia game dead, dead. To cry like the wind, howl, howl, howl. To lay her gently on the ground, to die. Have I the strength? If you haven’t the strength, no-one has. You’re a good friend, Norman. Thank you, Sir. You shall be rewarded. Pardon me while I get my violin. Do not mock me. I may not have long. My father used to say that. He lived till he was . He may still be alive, for all I know. Bonzo, how do you feel? A little more myself, . You see? Once he’s assumed the disguise, he’s a different man. Egad, Madam, thou hast a porcupine wit. And are you sure you’re able to go on? On and on and on. , I thought it was the black one tonight. My dear. Did I wake in the night, ? Did I thank you for watching over me? Was there talk of violence? No, Bonzo, you dreamt it. I still have the feeling. Would you like me to fetch the cloak and tie it on as usual?

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