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Clean My Pink Car 22

Clean My Pink Car 22


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Clean My Pink Car 22 Description

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Clean My Pink Car 22 You’ve had something going from the start. You’ve got a plan. I want to know now, or I swear game I haven’t got any plan. What you so happy about? What’s going on? Nothing’s going on. You silly sod! You’re gonna die! So are you, sooner or later. You’re gonna die ing soon, mate. I’ll tell you something I read once, Myron. Apparently what happens to you after death game is not all that much different from what happens to you before death game physically speaking. All part of the same process. You know? So if it’s all the same, really, what’s there to worry about? You’re barmy. Don’t worry about me, Myron. Worry about you. Are you really up to this? I ain’t worried about me. Good. Then worry about your boss. Is this job getting him down? Is he making the right decisions? Are you gonna have to take over at some time or another? Think about it. We don’t want anything going wrong. You got bird shit in your hair. Well, well. You’re no yearold. What are you? You think my little friend Myrors gonna save you? You . Mr. Braddock? Do you think we could stop for something to eat soon? I ain’t had nothing all day, and I’m really hungry. Expect I’m not the only one. Her too. She’s probably hungry and all. She’s already eaten. I’m gonna stop soon. We’ll stay off the road till after dark. Sort of a lot of hanging about, innit? Yeah. I had hoped to cross the frontier this evening. Bit safer. They like to stay in their huts when it’s dark. Had to make a few diversions. You would have your fun and games, Myron. You’re not eating, Mr. Braddock. I’m going to get some petrol. We’ve got enough petrol to get to France, haven’t we? I want to get well inside France. I’ll take her along. What for? So I can watch her. And you can watch him. Why don’t you take him along? I’ll watch her. Because, Myron, I think she might distract you from your job. Come on. Mr. Braddock, I’ve been thinking. I don’t think anything should happen to her. Now’s as good a time as any, Myron. It’s not fair. It’s not fair? No, Mr. Braddock, it isn’t. I mean, him game he’s a ing grass. He put his mates inside. But her game she ain’t done nothing. You’re just not thinking right. The job’s got you down. I mean, I’m game for anything, but, Christ, there’s a limit. You’re just not thinking right. Here. Make you feel safer, won’t it, Myron? Here. Put her in the car, Myron. Well, go on then! Now, Mr. Braddock. Here you are. You! Spanish for “Fill the tank.” Lleno, por favor. I’m sorry, Mr. Braddock. Well, eat your food then! He’ll kill you if you hurt me. Who, Myron? What an idea. Oi. Where you going? Look at the water. Hey. Let’s have a look at your cosh. Feel this. Razor blades. What for? I still got a gun, you know. Guns. Right. Leather? Yeah. What’s it filled with? Sand. That’s enough. Had it since I was at school, for years. Made it in handicrafts. Never lets me down. Nice place. I tell you what. I think you’re crazy, but I admire your attitude. I don’t know, this whole thing game it’s not turning out like I thought it would, not at all. It’s my first time, you know. It’s like a test, Mr. B

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